What is Sunvest

  1. Short Tenure Investment (12-24 months)

  2. Balloon Payment Structure. (Principal + Interest) payback upon maturity.
    (other payment structure may be possible pending on issuer)

  3. Why companies SunVest? One of the reasons may be to act as a "Bridging Loan" where the issuer requires a loan to complete the purchase of materials and to pay for manpower before their bank financing kick in. Reasons vary from project to project.

How To Sunvest

  • Register as an investor or Pledge your investment amount

  • SolarPVExchange will contact and send you:
    1.Pledge Acknowledgement Form
    2.Details of project

  • Invest in the project and send us:
    1.Filled Pledge Acknowledgement Form
    2.Proof of transfer

  • Once SolarPVExchange has verified the amounts, we will send you a confirmation on amounts received.

  • Wait for your investments to mature
    (terms and conditions apply)