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InvestorS FAQs

    Crowd Funding for Renewable Energy Projects

  • 1
    Does each investor work with one issuer or is the money coming from a pool of issuers in general
    It will be a pool of investors working with one issuer for each investment project.
  • 2
    Is there any service charge or process fee?
    No, there is no service/process fee to our investors, you will get back the full principle that you have invested and the promised interest.
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    What other information will SolarPVExchange send to me after I have transferred monies for the project?
    1. Acknowledgement Form upon transfer of funds You will get an email with an acknowledgement form, which you will need to fill in your bank details for the repayment of your principle and interest. Please remember to also send us a print screen of the bank transfer for our record purposes. Once you fill in the details and email to us the scanned copy of the acknowledgement form, we will then send you back the copy of the acknowledgement form with our company stamp and signature once your money is received in SolarPVExchange bank account.
    2. Promissory Note after the crowd funding campaign is closed SolarPVExchange will send you the Promissory Note to you within 2 weeks after the crowd funding date closed. The Promissory Note will list the details of the investment raised, the investors (and each investor’s invested amount in terms of percentage), the issuer (details and signature), the investment maturity date, and also the repayment details.
  • 4
    What is the minimum amount required to invest?
    For most of our projects, the minimum investment is $3,000 (SGD) for Singapore-based projects though the minimum may vary from project to project. Please check on the individual project funding details page.
  • 5
    What if the fund exceeds its target amount? What does that mean for your investment?
    It would depend on the issuers, if they agree to accept all the monies raised and repay the monies raised with the interest upon the maturity date. Otherwise we will refund the amount back to our investors according to a LIFO (Last-In-First-Out) sequence.
  • 6
    Are there risks involved in renewable Solar PV investment?

    With all investments, there are always a certain amount of risks involved and it is our obligation to inform you, our investors, on the risks of debt-based crowd funding in our general risk disclosure. This can be found on “ Risk Disclosure Statement To Be Provided During Pre- Qualification Of Potential Investors” from MAS Guidelines on Personal Offers made pursuant to the Exemption for Small Offers Last revised on 8 June 2016 Annex 2.

    Using information sourced from official sources and information providers, SolarPVExchange reviews all applications before applicants are allowed to list on the platform.

    As part of our onboarding process, SolarPVExchange will conduct our due diligence in assessing the profile of our applicants, using various independent third party for verification and qualification. We reserve the rights to reject any applicants who do not meet our requirements. Once they meet our requirements, they will then be converted from applicant status to issuers.

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    Is SolarPVExchange regulated by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)?

    We are currently in the midst of consulting with MAS on their securities based crowdfunding ruling that was announced in June 2016. As per our company policy, we will definitely comply to the MAS regulations with regards to securities based crowdfunding.