Frequently asked questions

Installers FAQs

  • 1
    How do I become an approved Installer on SolarPVExchange?
    You simply need to be a registered business with the relevant licenses and permits to install solar PV systems. You then need to simply register as an installer on our website.
  • 2
    How fair is SolarPVExchange in serving as a marketplace with so many competing installers bidding for business on one site?
    We serve strictly as a neutral platform to bring together installers, initiators and even investors. Our objective is not to favour any particular party but to create a transparent platform for all installers to compete fairly.
  • 3
    Will the lowest bidder always win each project put up by Initiators?
    We don’t think that will be the case. It’s also about your level of service, quality of materials/ systems and the whole customer experience that determines your feedback through the open appraisal system we have created.
  • 4
    What if there is some unfair feedback posted to your site that does not reflect the true quality of the service provided? There could be spiteful initiators who are out to ruin our reputation after all.
    As far as possible, it is always the responsibility of the service provider (installer) to ensure the customer walks away a happy, satisfied customer. Of course under certain circumstances, we will moderate the comments where necessary but only under special conditions. Otherwise, we will let market forces determine the way customers provide feedback.
    You have to remember, unhappy customers can always vent and rant in social media spaces so it’s better for you to find out how they feel and remedy the situation to bring a happy conclusion to the customer-relationship.
  • 5
    Is there a cap on the number of solar PV Installers you will accept on the exchange?
    No. The marketplace must function like any open marketplace where all buyers have access to all sellers at all times.
  • 6
    Will I be charged a commission for jobs I successfully bid and win through SolarPVExchange?
  • 7
    How do investors fit into the picture on SolarPVExchange?
    The details on the investors and how they could help you sell to more initiators will be detailed in the Investor FAQs.
  • 8
    Do I have to offer special warranties or maintenance agreements for customers I acquire through SolarPVExchange?
    No. You would simply treat them as you would any other customers but of course the value-adding you offer as part of your service will only help you gain a better appraisal from initiators who engage your services.
  • 9
    Will you accept other forms of solar PV systems such as window units or façade solar PV panels for bidding on SolarPV Exchange?
    We seek to be on the cutting edge of all things solar PV and welcome the addition of other new emerging complementary solar PV related systems to enable installers to appreciate a range of options they can have at their disposal before making a purchasing decision.